The Plaskolite success story spans six decades. See how it all began.


Plastic drinking straws gave us our first taste of success.


Plaskolite introduces the "lifetime fly swatter," the must-have accessory for every front porch.


As fluorescent lighting fixtures become popular, Plaskolite begins extruding prismatic patterned lenses.


Remember the hula hoop craze? Plaskolite manufactured hula hoops in the early sixties.


Plaskolite begins producing smooth acrylic sheets for storm doors and windows; it's much safer than plate glass.


Plaskolite builds its first polymer plant, enabling us to produce our own pellets for sheet production.


With the purchase of MIR-ACRYL, Plaskolite begins producing mirrored acrylic sheet; security mirrors; and hard-coated acrylic sheet products.


Plaskolite acquires Continental Acrylics, a specialty polymers business.


The acquisition of RAM PRODUCTS' flat sheet business enables Plaskolite to begin production of 19 acrylic mirror colors.


In August, Plaskolite completes construction on a state-of-the-art 245,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Zanesville, Ohio.


Plaskolite acquired Bunker Plastics, a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate mirror; formed security and transportation mirror; and performance enhancement plastic coatings.


Plaskolite acquires the continuously processed acrylic sheet division of Lucite International, including manufacturing plants in Olive Branch, Miss., and Monterrey, Mexico.


Plaskolite acquires the North American VIVAK® line of PETG sheet from Bayer MaterialScience LLC.


Plaskolite acquires the mirror sheet product line
from SPECCHIDEA s.r.l. of Torino, Italy.

Mirror Properties

Plaskolite mirror sheet is a strong, versatile material. Nevertheless, the sheet’s inherent properties require that certain precautions be taken during handling, care and fabrication. Plaskolite's fabrication guide can help you fabricate your mirror sheet and keep your product looking great.

Chemical Resistance

Like all plastic materials, Plaskolite mirrored acrylic will react when exposed to many chemicals.  Below is a partial list of chemicals known to react with Plaskolite acrylic mirror, exposure to them should be avoided.  Factors such as fabrication stresses, exposure to loads or changing temperatures and the method of application can all influence the possible reaction.  In all cases, care should be taken with dry chemicals or solvents used near Plaskolite mirrored acrylic.


  • Benzene
  • Lacquer Thinners
  • Esters
  • Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Toluene
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Ketones
  • Methyl Alcohol
  • Ethers

Weather Resistance

Mirror products are not recommended for exterior use.  If used outside, seal perimeter with silicone sealant to keep moisture out and protect mirror paint backing.  Salt spray can also begin to degrade mirror.

Flammability Information

Acrylic mirrored sheet is a combustible thermoplastic.  Precautions normally used to protect wood and other combustibles from flame and high heat, should be observed with this material.  It is recommended that appropriate building codes be followed to ensure proper and safe use.

Important Notice

 Careless handling of the product can result in injury.  The same precautions should be exercised when using acrylic mirror that are taken when fabricating glass, plastic or wood to prevent accident or ingestion.

Consultation & Advice

Our toll free number gives you access to a responsible person who has many years of experience working with mirrored acrylic in a multitude of varied applications.  We cannot guarantee that we will always have a solution to a particular problem, but our working knowledge is quite extensive and available to you without cost.

Cutting To Size: Cost savings can sometimes be realized by using our "in house" cutting services.  We have both the skilled people and precision equipment to meet your needs.  Whether it is with our two large circular saws or our small, more personal, table saw, we can provide our customers with the exact materials they need.

Laser Cutting: For accurate, complex cutting, lasers have an advantage over traditional saw or router cutting.  Clean lines, safe smooth edges and varied patterns contribute to the design attractiveness of the finished piece.

Anyone experiencing problems with fabricating Plaskolite's mirror sheet products, should refer those questions to the Inside Sales Department at 1-800-848-9124.


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