The Plaskolite success story spans six decades. See how it all began.


Plastic drinking straws gave us our first taste of success.


Plaskolite introduces the "lifetime fly swatter," the must-have accessory for every front porch.


As fluorescent lighting fixtures become popular, Plaskolite begins extruding prismatic patterned lenses.


Remember the hula hoop craze? Plaskolite manufactured hula hoops in the early sixties.


Plaskolite begins producing smooth acrylic sheets for storm doors and windows; it's much safer than plate glass.


Plaskolite builds its first polymer plant, enabling us to produce our own pellets for sheet production.


With the purchase of MIR-ACRYL, Plaskolite begins producing mirrored acrylic sheet; security mirrors; and hard-coated acrylic sheet products.


Plaskolite acquires Continental Acrylics, a specialty polymers business.


The acquisition of RAM PRODUCTS' flat sheet business enables Plaskolite to begin production of 19 acrylic mirror colors.


In August, Plaskolite completes construction on a state-of-the-art 245,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Zanesville, Ohio.


Plaskolite acquired Bunker Plastics, a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate mirror; formed security and transportation mirror; and performance enhancement plastic coatings.


Plaskolite acquires the continuously processed acrylic sheet division of Lucite International, including manufacturing plants in Olive Branch, Miss., and Monterrey, Mexico.


Plaskolite acquires the North American VIVAK® line of PETG sheet from Bayer MaterialScience LLC.


Plaskolite acquires the mirror sheet product line
from SPECCHIDEA s.r.l. of Torino, Italy.

OPTIX IRB - IR Blocking Acrylic


OPTIX IRB is an infrared blocking acrylic sheet that reflects solar radiation, while allowing a high level of natural light. The IR-blocking additive is in the polymer and allows OPTIX IRB to deliver exceptional IR blocking along with impact resistance and weatherability. The result: interiors benefit from natural sunlight without the heat gain. Ideal for skylights, covered walkways and conservatories.

Product Details


  • Thickness: .060" - .500"
  • Width: 5" - 104"
  • Length: 10" - 216"
  • Features: Weatherable
  • Available in IRB7 (74% Light transmission) and IRB6 (63% Light Transmission)
PhysicalTest methodUnitsOPTIX IRB6OPTIX IRB7
Specific Gravity/Relative DensityASTM D-7921.191.19
Optical Refractive IndexASTM D-5421.491.49
Light Transmission -TotalASTM D-1003%6374
Solar Transmission--%4749
Light to Solar Gain Ratio--1.221.35
Shading Coefficient--0.540.56
Sound TransmissionASTM E90 / E413db2727
Water AbsorptionASTM D-570% By wt0.40.4
ChemicalTest methodUnitsOPTIX IRB6OPTIX IRB7
Resistance to Stress - Critical Crazing Stress to: Isopropyl AlcoholARTC Modification of MIL-P6997psi900900
Resistance to Stress - Critical Crazing Stress to: Lacquer ThinnerARTC Modification of MIL-P6997psi500500
Resistance to Stress - Critical Crazing Stress to: TolueneARTC Modification of MIL-P6997psi1,3001,300
Resistance to Stress - Critical Crazing Stress to: Solvesso 100ARTC Modification of MIL-P6997psi1,6001,600
MechanicalTest methodUnitsOPTIX IRB6OPTIX IRB7
Tensile StrengthASTM D-638psi11,03011,030
Tensile Elongation – Max.ASTM D-638%5.85.8
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity--psi490,000490,000
Flexural StrengthASTM D-790psi17,00017,000
Flexural Modulus of ElasticityASTM D-790psi490,000490,000
Izod Impact Strength – Molded NotchASTM D-256ft-lb/in Notch0.40.4
Izod Impact Strength – Milled NotchASTM D-256ft-lb/in Notch0.280.28
Tensile Impact StrengthASTM D-1822ft-lb/in22020
Abrasion Resistance - Change in Haze - 0 cyclesASTM D-1044Haze, %00
Abrasion Resistance - Change in Haze - 10 cyclesASTM D-1044Haze, %11.211.2
Abrasion Resistance - Change in Haze - 50 cyclesASTM D-1044Haze, %2424
Abrasion Resistance - Change in Haze - 200 cyclesASTM D-1044Haze, %24.924.9
Rockwell HardnessASTM D-785M-95M-95
ThermalTest methodUnitsOPTIX IRB6OPTIX IRB7
Maximum Recommended Continuous Service Temperature°F170-190170-190
Softening Temperature°F210-220210-220
Melting Temperature°F300-315300-315
Deflection Temperature @ 264 psi (1.8 MPa)ASTM D-648°F203203
Deflection Temperature @ 66 psi (0.45 MPa)ASTM D-648°F207207
Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionASTM D-696in/(in-°F ) x 10-53.03.0
Thermal ConductivityASTM C-177BTU-ft/(hr-ft2-°F)0.0750.075
Flammability (Burning Rate)ASTM D-635In/minute1.0191.019
FlammabilityUL 94HBHB
Smoke Density RatingASTM D-2843%3.43.4
Self-Ignition TemperatureASTM D-1929°F833833
Flame Spread IndexASTM E-84115115
Smoke Developed IndexASTM E-84550550

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