The Plaskolite success story spans six decades. See how it all began.


Plastic drinking straws gave us our first taste of success.


Plaskolite introduces the "lifetime fly swatter," the must-have accessory for every front porch.


As fluorescent lighting fixtures become popular, Plaskolite begins extruding prismatic patterned lenses.


Remember the hula hoop craze? Plaskolite manufactured hula hoops in the early sixties.


Plaskolite begins producing smooth acrylic sheets for storm doors and windows; it's much safer than plate glass.


Plaskolite builds its first polymer plant, enabling us to produce our own pellets for sheet production.


With the purchase of MIR-ACRYL, Plaskolite begins producing mirrored acrylic sheet; security mirrors; and hard-coated acrylic sheet products.


Plaskolite acquires Continental Acrylics, a specialty polymers business.


The acquisition of RAM PRODUCTS' flat sheet business enables Plaskolite to begin production of 19 acrylic mirror colors.


In August, Plaskolite completes construction on a state-of-the-art 245,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Zanesville, Ohio.


Plaskolite acquired Bunker Plastics, a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate mirror; formed security and transportation mirror; and performance enhancement plastic coatings.


Plaskolite acquires the continuously processed acrylic sheet division of Lucite International, including manufacturing plants in Olive Branch, Miss., and Monterrey, Mexico.


Plaskolite acquires the North American VIVAK® line of PETG sheet from Bayer MaterialScience LLC.


Plaskolite acquires the mirror sheet product line
from SPECCHIDEA s.r.l. of Torino, Italy.


At Plaskolite, we believe a commitment to minimizing the impact of manufacturing activities on the environment is one of our chief responsibilities.

As a global manufacturer of high-quality thermoplastic sheet products, Plaskolite not only works to meet national and international environmental regulations, but seeks to continually shrink our environmental footprint. We implement continuous process improvements such as recycling, reusing, water consumption reduction and enhancements to energy efficiency. We have also established an in-house, product stewardship program that conducts routine laboratory testing and evaluation of product ingredients to ensure our output meets meet global product standards, such as the European Union's RoHS standard.

While there is no post-consumer recycled content in Plaskolite acrylic products, due to the high optical quality needs of many our sheet product applications, acrylic products can and do support environmental sustainability efforts. The inherent durability of acrylic sheet products translates into minimal replacement of acrylic parts and items, which, in turn, reduces waste generation. Additionally, acrylic sheets have lower thermal conductivity than clear standard glass, which corresponds to a higher level of insulating values.

Through these initiatives, Plaskolite is committed to sustainability, keeping the environment in mind as we improve our manufacturing processes. 

Plaskolite's acrylic sheet products and their plastic protective masking films are recyclable** (**Recycling programs for this product may not exist in your area).


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