"Within this team is a remarkable spirit of cooperation, loyalty, decency, hard work, boldness and unselfishness. This attitude has permeated through the rest of the workforce and is the true reason why Plaskolite is poised to remain the industry leader in the years ahead" - Donald G. Dunn, 2012
Mitch Grindley-President & CEO

Mitch Grindley
Executive Chairman

Ryan Schroeder

Ryan Schroeder
President & CEO

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch
Chief Financial Officer

Jacob Haas

Jacob Haas
Chief Commercial Officer

Roger Hamilton-VP of Operations

Roger Hamilton
VP of Operations

Andy Gordon-Vice President, Engineering and Technology

Andy Gordon
Vice President, Engineering and Technology

Rob Sterud-Director & Head of Human Resources

Rob Sterud
Vice President, Human Resources

John Szlag-Vice President, Building & Polymer Products

John Szlag
Executive VP, Building & Polymer Products

Jen Crooks-Director of Accounting

Jen Crooks
Director of Accounting

Donald C. Shultz-Regional Director of Operations

Donald C. Shultz
Regional Director of Operations

Jeff Bostic-Vice President, Polycarbonate Division

Jeff Bostic
Vice President, Polycarbonate Division

Jim Richards-Vice President of Sales, Industrial Division

Jim Richards
Vice President of Sales, Industrial Division

Adam Bell

Adam Bell
Managing Director, Plaskolite Rotuba Profiles

Kelly Larkin–FP&A Manager

Kelly Larkin
FP&A Manager

Drew Lester

Drew Lester
Director of Supply Chain

Krishna Reddy-Manager of Information Technology Services

Krishna Reddy
Director of Information Technology Services

Shailyn Gloyd–Director of Inside Sales

Shailyn Gloyd
Director of Inside Sales

Dan Draper-Director of Marketing

Dan Draper
Director of Marketing