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At Plaskolite, our lighting capabilities extend from light diffusing polymers to custom profile extrusion. We offer acrylic polymer, extruded profiles, extruded sheet (acrylic and polycarbonate), continuous & cell cast sheet and light guide panels. We also offer a large selection of fabrication services including: routing, miter saw cutting, edge polishing, laser cutting, laser edging, ultrasonic welding for end caps and more.

Our custom profile manufacturing process offers extensive new product development methodology that includes custom tooling, rapid prototyping and a quick and easy process from ramp-up to full scale production.

Popular Products

OPTIX LED PXT is the next generation of acrylic diffusers now with a matte textured surfac...

    TUFFAK Lumen XT polycarbonate sheet is a translucent product with a textured surface on on...

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      • White - B59
      • White - Lumen

      TUFFAK Lumen XT-V is a translucent polycarbonate sheet with a textured surface on one side...

        • Clear
        • Clear

        The Pattern 12 (PL-21) Prismatic Acrylic lighting panel offers excellent efficiency and di...

          • White
          • Lighting-Panels_White
          • Clear
          • Silvertint

          Designed to meet the requirements of today's sophisticated work environments, the KSH-12 i...

            OPTIX 95 is a continuously processed acrylic sheet with a matte finish on one side that pr...

              • Clear

              The KSH-23 acrylic lighting panel is a clear acrylic lens with bold, 3/8" diameter female,...

                • Clear

                The industry standard for controlling high-angle brightness, the KSH-19 is an acrylic pris...

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                  • Clear
                  • Silvertint

                  Sheet Basics

                  What is it?

                  Acrylic is a plastic manufactured from one or more derivatives of acrylic acid. Today, its uses are widespread thanks to weatherability, strength, clarity and versatility. Learn More

                  How is it made?

                  Through a process called extrusion, acrylic polymers are heated until they transform into a molten mass—a mass that can be made to your desired thickness and shape. Learn More

                  How can it be fabricated?

                  Pliability upon heating makes acrylic a fabrication-friendly material that responds to thermoforming, drape forming and even cold forming with property methods. Learn More

                  How can Plaskolite customize my sheet?

                  Manufacturers still rely heavily on acrylic sheeting due to its exceptional control over shape, thickness, color, finish and other properties. Learn More


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