Performance plastics are valuable long after their initial usage, but an overwhelming amount of PVC, Acrylic and PE are not properly recovered or recycled. In a circular economy, performance plastics can be recycled again and again, eliminating waste and reusing valuable resources. At PLASKOLITE, we try to play an active role in reducing plastic waste through recycling, keeping performance plastics out of the waste stream.


Contact Us To Enroll

Email to enroll in the Vycom Recycling Program. Once program parameters are confirmed, marked bins can be delivered to your location for collecting waste.

We Provide The Bins & Totes, You Sort The Materials

Once enrolled, we provide you with bulk containers as needed to store your scrap and recyclable materials. Note that materials must be sorted by polymer: Rigid PVC, Acrylic, and PE waste must be placed in separate bins. Printed and unprinted sheets, with or without attached Velcro and vinyl, are accepted.

Schedule A Pick-Up

When it’s time to retrieve the scrap materials, contact Return Polymers to coordinate a pick-up date. We will replenish the waste bin stock so the process can continue without interruption.


Plastic waste is a global crisis. PLASKOLITE is committed to accelerating the use of recycled material in the manufacturing of innovative, high-performance products, keeping hundreds of millions of pounds of waste out of landfills each year and revolutionizing the industry to create a more sustainable future. The scrap material that is collected through the Recycling Program is sent through a three-step process:

1. Plastic ScrapPRE-TREATMENT

  • Scrap is manually sorted as needed, then mixed and loaded on the line at our recycling facilities.
  • Material is shredded to standardize the shape and size (approx. 2” x 2”).
  • Different form factors of recycled material are mixed in to create a consistent ratio.


  • Material is further mixed and melted it into a homogenous form. It is heated to nearly 400˚F, which increases the weight of the material.
  • The recycled material is filtered one more time to remove any impurities that may have made it through the system to ensure it is 100% clean and reusable.
  • Material is cooled and reduced in size before moving on for quality and performance testing.

3.  Plastic ScrapSIZE REDUCTION

  • This is the process of granulating the cooled material so it can be blended with our other components for use in the final formulation of PLASKOLITE and other performance plastic products.



When the main manufacturing facilities require material, a bulk truck is dispatched for a transfer.
The recycled material is used to create new performance plastic products.

Let's Make a Difference Together

And prevent countless pounds of plastic scrap from going into landfills.