OPTIX® acrylic polymers for injection molding and extrusion processes are available in transparent, translucent, opaque and custom colors are available with varying levels of heat resistance, light transmission, lubricant content and melt flow rates. Many grades of OPTIX polymers comply with US FDA food contact regulation 21 CFR 177.1010. Impact modified also available. PLASKOLITE is the only manufacturer of complex, custom-tailored formulations in the batch sizes you need.

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Medical, lighting, optical and food grade


Over 150+ blends of PMMA polymers


Batch customization process for your unique blend


Use in injection molding or extrusion processes

Popular Products

High-impact modified polymer for extrusion with up to 12 times the strength of general-pur...

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    High-impact modified acrylic polymer for injection molding with up to 10 times the strengt...

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      Excellent performance and processability. Designed for both injection molding and extrusio...

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        Impact-modified grade polymer designed for extrusion process. The typical applications a...

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          Outstanding performance in decorating and processability. Primarily used in Optical and Ap...

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            Polymer suitable for both injection molding and extrusion processes, offering high heat re...

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              Outstanding performance, optical clarity, and great light transmissions. Ideally designed ...

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                Impact modified, high flow acrylic polymer for injection molding with up to 7 times the st...

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                  Excellent performance and processability for products that require high heat resistance, s...

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