PLASKOLITE is committed to continuous improvements in sustainable environmental outcomes – enabling green engineering for the world and as a steward in the communities where we operate.
Recyclable & Long Lasting

Versatile, high-quality, durable thermoplastic materials…not single-use plastics

  • Acrylic, Polycarbonate and our other thermoplastics are recyclable at qualified recycling centers nationwide
  • Thermoplastics can be reground and extruded into new products
  • Our product packaging (cardboard, masking films) are also recyclable
  • Designed for applications that require a long service-life, such as signage, windows and skylights
  • Our plastics contain some recycled content in the form of preconsumer/post-industrial plastics
  • Formulated in a responsible manner to meet global product stewardship requirements
Responsible Manufacturing

How we make our products reflects our overall philosophy of continuous environmental improvement

  • Maintaining full compliance of all environmental regulations
  • Overall recycling rates for our sites range from 50% - 80%
  • Reduce/Reuse/Recycle efforts have seen reductions in waste disposal of over 70% at some sites
  • Over the past 20 years, water savings and clean air emission programs have reduced water consumption and air emissions company-wide, with some sites achieving reductions over 75%
  • Continue to lower the energy intensity of our manufacturing operations through energy efficient lighting, motors, and innovative, optimized manufacturing processes
  • Renewable energy is part of the energy consumed at some of our sites–we continue to explore greater energy diversity
  • Pro-active outreach with the neighbors around our manufacturing sites, including regular engagements with all community stakeholders
Enabling Green Innovation

Our thermoplastics play an important role in advancing human well-being, energy conservation and quality of life

  • They enable mass transit vehicles to reduce overall weight to save on fuel
  • Our lighting solutions are the premier choice for LED smart-lighting applications with high energy efficiency
  • Acrylic and Polycarbonate products are used in sustainable applications such as solar panels, skylights, greenhouses and sound barriers
  • Food safety applications including Acrylic sneeze guards, PETG food containers, and Polycarbonate guards for food processing equipment
  • As safety/security glazing to protect human health and safety, including Polycarbonate in burglary-resistant and bullet-resistant applications
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