Acrylic sheet is the ideal substrate for fabrication of tables, tabletops, shelves and other flat surfaces where glass can't or shouldn't be used. Our line of OPTIX Polymers are used for injection molded home goods to give them a durable yet still brilliant clarity.


Manufacturer innovative products with acrylic


Complex bends and shapes, flame polish edges


Many polymers comply with U.S. FDA regulations


Wide range of heat, chemical and melt flow rates

Popular Products

Outstanding performance in decorating and processability. Primarily used in Optical and Ap...

    • Clear
    • Clear - Poly

    Designed for high heat applications, offering excellent performance and processability. Cr...

      • Clear

      Excellent environmental stability and transparency. Ideally designed for injection molding...

        • Clear

        Crystal clear, impact- and weather-resistant, OPTIX is a continuously processed, high qual...

          • Clear

          The vibrantly colored OPTIX acrylic sheets used in the production of Plaskolite's FABBACK ...

            Continuous cast acrylic made with Lucite® monomer for superior clarity. OPTIX-L gives...

              • White
              • Black - 2025
              • Lighting-Panels_White
              • White - 7328
              • White - 3015
              • White - 2447
              • Bronze - 2412

              Contemporary colors and edges for modern designs. Add a stylish touch and make your desig...

                • Yellow - 2208
                • White
                • Black - 2025
                • Black - L20
                • Red - 2793 LD
                • Blue - 2069

                Outstanding performance, optical clarity, and great light transmissions. Ideally designed ...

                  • Clear