With a glass-like, wrinkle free appearance, TUFFAK polycarbonate marine products make navigating marine enclosures a breeze. Ideal for any climate as it remains stable and retains its shape during temperature fluctuations. TUFFAK withstands the harshest environments, providing unparalleled sight-lines and a stunning look for years. FABBACK acrylic sheet is a premium grade product that is double inspected during the manufacturing process.


Alternative to vinyl


Protection against abrasion and UV


5 Year warranty on TUFFAK Marine 5 and TUFFAK VR


Long term optical clarity, low optical distortion

Popular Products

TUFFAK Marine 5 polycarbonate sheet is designed for applications demanding high optical cl...

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    TUFFAK VR polycarbonate sheet is designed for high optical quality and exceptional durabil...

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      • Clear

      TUFFAK AR polycarbonate sheet offers higher abrasion resistance and surface hardness to po...

        • Green - 7235
        • White - 2447
        • Clear
        • Green - H16
        • Clear
        • Gray - I30
        • Gray - I35
        • +1

        Marine Grade is a high quality, premium grade of FABBACK acrylic mirror sheet, that is dou...