Peace and quiet never looked so good. Specialty noise barrier thermoplastic sheets are optically clear, lightweight, impact and weather resistant. Easy to form and fabricate, acrylic meets requirements of ZTV-LSW 06, EN 1793 and EN 1794. Our polycarbonate meets ASTM E90-09, ASTM E413-10 and ASTM E1332-10a. A variety of textures and colors are available.


Weather resistance extends life


Clear, frost textures or colors available


Surface treatments, including hard coating


Meets ZTV-LSW 06, EN 1793/EN 1794, ASTM methods

Popular Products

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      • Clear
      • Clear

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        • Clear
        • Clear

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          • Clear
          • Clear

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            • White
            • Black - 2025
            • White - 2447
            • Clear
            • White - B54
            • Black - L20
            • White - B59
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