Sheet AMGARD® SR Scratch Resistant Antimicrobial Sheet

AMGARD® SR, scratch-resistant acrylic and polycarbonate sheet products are formulated with silver ion antimicrobial technology that protects the sheet surface from microorganism growth and remains active for the entire life of the product.

The proprietary antimicrobial coating system also provides enhanced scratch resistance and exceptional resistance to many common disinfecting cleansers. This high performing coating is available on both acrylic or polycarbonate sheet substrates, each bringing their inherent performance benefits such as high light transmission and crystal clear clarity or toughness and impact strength.

Choose the substrate that best fits your application knowing that AMGARD® SR sheet can stand up to repetitive cleanings and day to day wear in today’s demanding safety barrier environments. Ideal for sneeze guards, partitions and barriers.

Features & Benefits

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Protects surface against the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and mildew that cause stains and odors

Independent laboratory tested to ISO 22196 ˝Measurement of Antimicrobial Activity on Plastics / Non-Porous Surfaces˝

Abrasion and Chemical resistant

Bend, cut or form