Sheet AR Coated Polycarbonate

Abrasion resistant coated polycarbonate is the perfect choice when protection from scratching is a concern. The material is available in many colors and thicknesses, with coating on one or both sides, it is suited for applications that require abrasion, stain and solvent resistance. Widely used for retail displays, table tops, door panels and dry erase boards.

Run-to-Size Capabilities

Features & Benefits

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Ideal for applications that require abrasion, stain & solvent resistance

Improves longevity




AR Coated Sheet

Abrasion Resistance - Change in Haze - 100 cycles

ASTM D1044

Haze, %


Steel Wool Rotary Test 12 & 15 psi / 5 revolutions

Haze %



**Applicable to the acrylic substrate

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