Sheet OPTIX® Cell Cast LED

OPTIX Cell Cast LED sheets feature high light transmission, uniform light diffusion and high “hot spot” hiding power. OPTIX Cell Cast LED sheets allow sign makers and designers to enjoy the benefits of LED and create elegant solutions that are cost-effective and eco-efficient, while enhancing intensity and colour. OPTIX Cell Cast LED sheets are free of plasticiser, heavy metals, halogens and fire retardants. They can be machined and heat processed like standard acrylic sheets and comply with standard ISO 7823-1.

• Thickness 3 - 6 mm, Dimension: 3050X2050 mm.
• Thickness 8 - 35 mm, Dimension: 3050X2030 mm.
• Thickness 40 - 60 mm, Dimension: 3000X2000 mm.

• Cold Feel            • Red
• Warm Feel          • Pink
• White                  • Blue
• Orange               • Green
• Yellow

Features & Benefits

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Glossy surface

Matte surface available

High hardness, stiffness and strength

Good chemical resistance to a wide range of substances