Sheet OPTIX Cell Cast PMMA

OPTIX Cast Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) Solid Sheets, formerly branded Plazcast have bright clarity, excellent transparency and easy to thermoform. These sheets provide long-life UV resistant products for a broad range of applications. Sheets are produced according to ISO 7823-1:2003 standard.

• Thickness 3 - 6 mm, Dimension: 3050X2050 mm.
• Thickness 8 - 35 mm, Dimension: 3050X2030 mm.
• Thickness 40 - 60 mm, Dimension: 3000X2000 mm.

Wide range of colors: opaques, translucents, opals, diffusers and LED. Special color matching available upon request.

 • OPTIX Cell Cast Sanitary - Easy and deep thermoforming
• OPTIX Cell Cast LED - Light diffusing
• OPTIX Cell Cast Fluorescent - Wide range of impactful colors
• OPTIX Cell Cast UV-Block - UV Blocking 
• OPTIX Cell Cast UV-Open - Allows UV light for greenhouses
• OPTIX Cell Cast Metal - Incorporates a metallic effect
• OPTIX Cell Cast Dual - Black during the day, white at night
• OPTIX Cell Cast Satin - Satin surface on one or two sides

Features & Benefits

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Good chemical resistance to a wide range of substances

Highly transparent, 92% light transmission

10-year limited warranty

Easily thermoformed, machined, polished and reshaped