Sheet OPTIX® G Series Cell Cast Acrylic

Fabrication-friendly, OPTIX G Series Cell Cast sheet is optically clear and polishes to a crystal clear clarity. For many notable applications such as aquariums, furniture, store fixtures and more, the advantages for choosing OPTIX G Series

In stock items as of Aug 2023:

Item #ColorSizeThickness# per skid
CEC00001Clear48 x 960.11880
CEC00002Clear48 x 960.17740
CEC00003Clear48 x 960.22040
CEC00004Clear48 x 960.23640
CEC00005Clear48 x 960.35430
CEC00006Clear48 x 960.47230
CEC00007Clear48 x 960.70812
CEC00008Clear48 x 960.94411

Features & Benefits

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Superior molecular weight

Extreme clarity with high light transmission

Excellent thermoforming performance

Exceptional edge polishing reaction to laser cutting