Sheet PETG (Europe sales only)

PETG Extruded Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol Solid Sheets provides excellent formability for manufacturing and combines exceptional clarity, strength and excellent chemical resistance. Plaskolite PETG sheets are produced with a unique balance between physical properties and processing capabilities that allow for fine thermo-forming and implementation of precise details required for special and complex projects.

Thickness: 0.5 – 10.0 mm
Width 1000, 1250, 2050 mm
Length 600 – 6000 mm

Naturally colorless and clear.
Pigments can be added in order to obtain a wide range of tints and colors, according to customer requirements.

PETG - Non-UV protected, for indoor use only
PETG UV - UV coextruded, 2 sides UV

Features & Benefits

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High clarity and light transmission

Excellent impact strength

Easy to print on

UV protection for outdoor use available upon request