PLASKOLITE Brings Industry-Leading Products and Recycling Program to ISA 2024


PLASKOLITE Brings Industry-Leading Products and Recycling Program to ISA 2024


SCRANTON, PA, Apr. 26, 2024 – PLASKOLITE®, headquartered in Columbus, OH is proud to produce innovative products with thermoplastic engineering and continue a successful Recycling Program at this year’s ISA International Sign Expo 2024 held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The Recycling Program was specifically made for show exhibitors to put their booth scrap PVC and acrylic into designated bins instead of ending up in landfills, with PLASKOLITE collecting a total of 1,362 pounds of scrap plastic from exhibitor booths that will be recycled and processed into sustainable products. What makes this recycling program unique is being able to recycle PVC, polyethylene, and acrylic to produce durable, long-lasting products for customers.


Partner booths that also held PLASKOLITE’s recycling bins were Cutworx, Mimaki, Fuji Film, Zünd, and Trotec. Event show service providers consisted of Freeman, ISA, and Orange County Convention Center personnel to ensure that plastic scrap went into bins in the designated recycling area.


The products highlighted during the show were a new light diffusing polycarbonate, TUFFAK B73, OPTIX Fuse, which is a dual-color acrylic product for push-through letters and trimless channel letters, and highlighting the acquisition of VYCOM, bringing CELTEC and DigiLite PVC materials for sign and graphics into PLASKOLITE’s product portfolio.


This was the first show following the close of PLASKOLITE’S acquisition of VYCOM. Kevin Duffy, VP and General Manager of VYCOM stated, “It was really exciting this year to be under PLASKOLITE because we’re now a part of one of the largest acrylic manufacturers in the world. We’ve traditionally been focused on PVC recycling and now being a part of PLASKOLITE, it opens many more opportunities on the acrylic side. We now have many more customers and value chain partners for another key material.”


Scott Walton, National Sales Manager of Sign and Graphics, was eager to start the first ISA with the PLASKOLITE and VYCOM acquisition, showcasing a blended portfolio of products and networking among industry partners. Scott stated, “The ISA show is an incredible opportunity for us to see what is going on in the market and to understand companies and individuals, product needs, problems, and where we might have a potential solution already, or a new product development idea.”


About the PLASKOLITE Recycling Program


PLASKOLITE’s recycling initiatives are focused on diverting materials from ending up in landfills and turning them into beautiful, sustainable products for future use. Not only is it important to showcase industry-leading performance plastic products for the signage market, but The PLASKOLITE Recycling Program continues the tradition of taking back rigid PVC and acrylic from the show floor to recycle into long-lasting products.


For more information on PLASKOLITE’s Recycling Program and sustainability mission, visit, or call our headquarters location in Columbus, OH at (800) 848-9124.