COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 2, 2023) – Plaskolite LLC, a global leader in the manufacturing of engineered thermoplastics, today announced an agreement to be the exclusive North American reseller for global optical elements supplier, Jungbecker.


Plaskolite is the industry leader in thermoplastic solutions for various lighting products, including extruded sheet, custom extruded profiles, films and lenses. The Jungbecker partnership builds on that portfolio with the addition of new technologies that steer light with tremendous precision, avoiding unwanted diffusion, minimizing light pollution, and enabling creative lighting applications.


“We take great pride in our ability to provide a broad range of solutions to meet the specific needs of our lighting customers,” said Chris Walby, business director for the lighting division of Plaskolite. “Jungbecker adds precision optical capabilities and custom solutions for diffusion, de-glaring and light guidance that will enhance our products and add a valuable complement to our existing portfolio.”


“We are excited to work with Plaskolite to expand our reach in North America,” said Fabian Bürkli, R&D director at Jungbecker. “Plaskolite has an established customer base naturally aligned with our strategy in North America and a level of materials science and manufacturing sophistication that enables a seamless integration of our technologies.”


The ongoing move in the lighting market toward LED technology puts a premium on lenses that provide greater light transmission capabilities while still hiding the LED light source. Jungbecker accomplishes this with an innovative technology that precisely directs light through the lens on the desired path. Integrating the Jungbecker technology in thermoplastics from Plaskolite provides a one-piece approach to controlling light and producing more energy-efficient lighting solutions.


“By representing Jungbecker in North America, we can maintain an inventory of their standard products and integrate with our lighting solutions to provide exciting new options to our customers,” Walby said. Walby and Bürkli said both parties see potential for expanded collaboration in North America.