COLUMBUS, Ohio (Dec. 1, 2020) – Plaskolite LLC, North America’s largest manufacturer of thermoplastic sheet products, today introduced TUFFAK® CA, a flame-resistant, optical grade, transparent polycarbonate sheet for interior applications. TUFFAK CA meets the International Building Code (IBC) Class A flammability criteria for interior wall and ceiling finishings.


TUFFAK CA delivers Class A performance without compromising the impact strength and high optical clarity expected of polycarbonate sheet. The clear or tinted panels are UV stable, lightweight, thermoformable and easy to fabricate.


“Polycarbonate sheet has natural protective properties for any number of applications,” said Jeff Bostic, vice president of the polycarbonate division of Plaskolite. “TUFFAK CA delivers all of those benefits as well as fire resistance, making it an ideal option for everything from decorative panels and wall and ceiling finishings, to protective coverings for artwork and other displays.”


TUFFAK CA sheet is offered with a five-year Limited Product Warranty against breakage. It adds to the extensive TUFFAK polycarbonate sheet portfolio used in safety shields, signage, face shields, mass transportation windows, skylights, forced entry and ballistic glazing, as well as many other applications requiring a combination of strength and clarity. TUFFAK CA is Plaskolite’s latest new product development after the successful launches of AMGARD, TUFFAK WC and TUFFAK LS.