Long a design community favorite, OPTIX-L (formerly called LuciteLux) brings superior cast acrylic sheet to our range of products. Continuous cast acrylic made with Lucite International® monomer for superior clarity. Designers, retailers and manufacturers all rely on its polished aesthetic and high-performance characteristics.


Uniform thickness and superior craze resistance


Chemical resistance, perfect for cosmetic displays


No black specs - OPTIX-L Frame Grade


Available with monotone edge color

outstanding resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight

Compared to all other types of transparent thermoplastics, OPTIX-L Acrylic Sheet also offers excellent caliper control for critical applications.

The desirable properties of OPTIX-L Acrylic Sheet amount for its wide acceptance for many end-uses.

  • Optical Qualities - Used as safety glazing in buildings and vehicles, in instrument and equipment covers and machinery guards.
  • Decorative – OPTIX-L Acrylic Sheet enhances the functional and aesthetic beauty of such products as exterior panels for appliances, exterior and trims for automobiles, and household and business accessories.
  • Light Stability and Weather Resistance – With its excellent UV light stability and resistance to weathering, OPTIX-L Acrylic Sheet is used extensively as safety glazing in outdoor signs and lighting fixtures as well as for indoor fluorescent lighting shields and diffusers.

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Continuous cast acrylic made with Lucite® monomer for superior clarity. OPTIX-L gives...

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          Continuous cast acrylic made with Lucite® monomer for superior clarity. OPTIX-L gives...

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