The strength of thermoplastics are essential to automobile industry. Polycarbonate headlights, acrylic taillights and ABS fenders and interiors are just a few of the ways Plaskolite's sheet, polymers and coatings are used in today's design and assembly.


ABS is used in fenders, bumpers and interriors


Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate


Polymers for injection modeled taillights


Abrasion resistant coatings provides protection

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Plaskolite's Utility Grade ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) sheet is produced with th...

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    • Black - 2025

    Crystal clear, impact- and weather-resistant, OPTIX is a continuously processed, high qual...

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      Crystal clear and incredibly strong, OPTIX Thin Gauge acrylic sheet is engineered specific...

        With a variety of available color choices, OPTIX continuously processed, high quality acry...

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          • Green - 7235
          • Black - 2025
          • White - 2447
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          • Bronze - 2370
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          OPTIX NB is a continuously-processed acrylic sheet designed to block traffic noise without...

            High impact modified acrylic resin for injection molding with up to 10 times the strength ...

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              Excellent performance and processability. Designed for both injection molding and extrusio...

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