Our lighting capabilities extends from light diffusing polymers to prismatic flat sheet. Plaskolite Rotuba Profiles provides custom manufacturing for lighting OEMs. Plaskolite's products are designed to control the intensity of the light source and meet the demanding needs of sophisticated work and office environments.


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Rotuba produces over 100 new custom profile designs per year for custom Lighting applications.


  • Various Optical Designs including MicroPrisms, directional lenticular ribs or custom faceted designs to achieve optimal performance.
  • Our clients may choose from our existing RE-LED series of custom acrylic and polycarbonate formulations or we can custom formulate to a specific application based need.
  • Custom designs and formulations often eliminate the need for overlays and secondary treatment operations.
  • Perfect for direct/indirect applications.
  • A refined look for light source image obscurity.
  • Offering enhanced light transmission and performance.
  • More economical than higher priced technologies.






Popular Products

KSH Overlay is a high-transmission acrylic panel used to diffuse lamp images and provide m...

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    • Clear

    KSH Frost Glaze Acrylic Lighting panels are mechanically textured white acrylic panels des...

      • White

      The ultra-light matte finish of OPTIX 99 minimizes unwanted glare in a variety of lighting...

        • Clear

        Virtually unbreakable, non-yellowing and easy to cut, DURALENS premium grade acrylic light...

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          The Pattern 12 (PL-21) Prismatic Acrylic lighting panel offers excellent efficiency and di...

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            • Silvertint

            Impact modified acrylic resin for injection molding with up to 4 times the strength of gen...

              • Clear

              High impact modified acrylic resin for injection molding with up to 10 times the strength ...

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                Non-yellowing and break resistant, OPTIX acrylic lighting panels are an ideal choice to cr...

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                  Sheet Basics

                  What is it?

                  Acrylic is a plastic manufactured from one or more derivatives of acrylic acid. Today, its uses are widespread thanks to weatherability, strength, clarity and versatility. Learn More

                  How is it made?

                  Through a process called extrusion, acrylic polymers are heated until they transform into a molten mass—a mass that can be made to your desired thickness and shape. Learn More

                  How can it be fabricated?

                  Pliability upon heating makes acrylic a fabrication-friendly material that responds to thermoforming, drape forming and even cold forming with property methods. Learn More

                  How can Plaskolite customize my sheet?

                  Manufacturers still rely heavily on acrylic sheeting due to its exceptional control over shape, thickness, color, finish and other properties. Learn More