From hand held devices to laptops, audio to video components, acrylic and polycarbonate meets or exceeds the demands of today’s technology. Available with varying levels of glare control, abrasion resistance and impact strength, thermoplastic sheet, polymers and coating options provide advantageous alternatives to glass in electronic applications.


Glare control and abrasion resistance


Custom impact strength blends


Matte and patterned sheet


Unmatched clarity and quality

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Popular Products

Crystal clear and incredibly strong, OPTIX Thin Gauge acrylic sheet is engineered specific...

    Abrasion resistance coated acrylic is the perfect choice when protection from scratching i...

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      Allows 92% transmission of UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet light. Where clarity and quality are...

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        Injection molding resin with medium heat resistance and melt flow rate. Offers excellent ...

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          Continuous cast acrylic made with Lucite® monomer for superior clarity. OP...

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            OPTIX 95 is a continuously processed acrylic sheet with a matte finish on one side that pr...

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              TUFFAK GP polycarbonate sheet is a general purpose product with a matte, pebble and prisma...

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                TUFFAK GP-V polycarbonate sheet is available in smooth, matte, pebble and prismatic textur...

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                  TUFFAK AR1 polycarbonate sheet is a one-side hardcoat product that provides excellent abra...

                    TUFFAK NR polycarbonate sheet is an enhanced UV resistant product with a proprietary matte...

                      TUFFAK NR-C polycarbonate sheet is a non-reflective, one side hard-coated product that red...

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