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OPTIX 2406 and TUFFAK LD sheets are easy to decorate, durable and weather resistant. Sign fabricators and designers rely on these properties for three dimensional or unique lighting effects.


Run-to-size. Offering sheet based on your need


Vacuum definition and high light transmission


The brightest white available


Eliminates visible hot spots

Popular Products

OPTIX LD light diffusing acrylic sheet provides superior diffusion properties that allow f...

    • Blue - 2069
    • swatch--1
    • White
    • Orange - 2119 LD
    • Green - 7235
    • Yellow - 8197.jpg
    • Red - 2283 LD
    • +8

    Specifically designed to provide optimal adhesion of UV curing inks without adhesion promo...

      • White
      • Clear
      • White - 7328

      OPTIX NG Light Matte is a non-glare acrylic sheet ideal for signage, silk-screening, and p...

        • Clear

        VIVAK offers a unique balance of physical properties and ease of fabrication. It is ideal...

          • White
          • Black - 2025
          • White - 2447
          • Lighting-Panels_White
          • Clear
          • Gray - Smoke - 1050
          • Bronze - K95

          OPTIX Frost is the ideal choice for a continuously processed acrylic sheet that delivers a...

            • Clear

            The ultra-light matte finish of OPTIX 99 minimizes unwanted glare in a variety of lighting...

              • Clear

              OPTIX 95 is a continuously processed acrylic sheet with a matte finish on one side that pr...

                • Clear